Golfing & bathing - water hazards to enjoy Where not only golf balls but also golfers can go swimming!

In midsummer you sometimes want to do the same like the golf balls: plunge into the water and refresh yourself. Of course not during the round, but at least afterwards (or before). In some of the Leading Golf Courses you can do this quite "officially" without getting a penalty. We show you where:


Dive into the largest lake in Tyrol at the Golf- und Landclub Achensee  ​​​

The oldest golf club in Tyrol is also located on the largest lake by the city of Pertisau. Even the journey along the lake shore is a pleasure and after the round there's great cooling in the popular lake with drinking water quality! Photos see photo gallery below.


Boathous Beach Area in the Diamond Country Club

The 39 holes of the three courses in Atzenbrugg are located around a 10-hectare bathing lake, which accompanies the players on some holes and often acts as a water hazard - except for the beach area directly at the Diamond Boathouse restaurant: where the cool water is a refreshment after hot rounds of golf. And why not lie before or after a round of golf with a glass of cold white wine in a beach chair and stretch your toes in the sand ... see photo in the photo gallery below. For this reason: Thumbs up for the element of water in Austria's only European Tour Destination!


Mond- or Drachensee? You have got the choice at the GC Am Mondsee

Here you have the choice of two lakes to cool down: The jetty directly in front of the clubhouse in the Drachensee (10 acres) - which is also used annually after the club championships by the freshly baked winners ;) And the bathing area with lawn at hole 18 at Mondsee - to linger and relax before and after the round. Photos see photo gallery below.


Pool & Swimming-biotop at the Colony Club Gutenhof

The Colony Club Gutenhof offers many attractive, family-friendly facilities that are not a given in every golf club. Such as the large pool at the edge of the forest with a well-kept lawn and bathhouse and a non-visible roof terrace, where also textile-free sunbathing is possible. In addition, the bathers are supplied with drinks and snacks by the club restaurant. Service at its best!
In the natural swimming biotope, directly in front of the cloakrooms and the gym in the basement of the clubhouse, you can swim all year round, if not frozen, after the round or just cool down after fitness training or after the sauna. For resting, loungers are available at the bathing jetty, but also in separate zones for ladies and gentlemen. Photos see photo gallery below.